Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where To Download L2Walker

Whenever I am looking for a new L2Walker download, I always check because that is where I get my bot L2Walker codes from. That site usually has new versions uploaded the same day that they come out. I used to use the official L2Walker site for buying L2Walker codes and my downloads, but has nicer service, is alot faster with delivery because they invested in an automated delivery system so I don't have to wait for my L2Walker bot codes, and they are cheaper than any other place I have found that is reliable.

Since having an older version of L2Walker can get you banned, I recommend checking daily to see if has a new download for the L2Walker bot. Each morning before I start up my SH + SE + Prophet, I check to make sure. Back in C3, I ran a full 9-man group and had them real high level and with lots of adena because I had a BH with them to do spoils. L2Walker ran the group fine but I was using cracked L2Walker. NCsoft updated the Lineage 2 servers with new GameGuard detection on an update day. I got banned 2 days later because I was using the old cracked version of L2Walker.

I easily had gear and adena that I could have sold for over $2,000 at the time and I lost it all because I had an older version of L2Walker that I did not update because it was cracked L2Walker. If I had just spent the money each month to buy L2Walker codes, I would have had the latest version of the L2Walker download and wouldn't be out my awesome characters and all that adena and gear. I quit Lineage 2 after that for a while, but came back in Gracia. I started up my trio and they are awesome now. I am running legit L2Walker with the codes I get from I download L2Walker whenever there is a new one so I don't have a repeat of what happened before. There is no way that I want to lose my level 81 SH with its boss jewels over less than $7.

Once I hit 82, I am gonna give leveling a wolf a go. I heard that they hit like a Destroyer in higher levels and that when they are 80, you can sell them for a crazy amount of adena. I leveled a hatchling a little before. It was fairly easy leveling him and L2Walker worked well for it. I was thinking of giving L2Superman/GoodBoy a try, but I heard that while it is a better bot, it has problems with pets still. Since that program is more expensive, I am gonna use L2Walker for now and wait to see if GoodBoy gets any better and worth the extra money. I do get a nice discount on the GoodBoy codes from because I am a loyalty member. They are over $1 off from retail, but still more expensive than L2Walker. L2Walker with my loyalty price is only $6.59, which is nice compared to the $7 they charge other places.

I also trust more for their L2Walker bot downloads because their admin has been doing it for a long time. MrSlave was real nice when I came back to use L2Walker and answered a couple questions I had. One time one of the codes the site gave me wasn't registering. He helped me figure out that it was because of my stupid Norton virus software settings being too touchy.

I don't post much on the forums but I do read alot there. They have new posts every day and the people there are pretty cool. The moderators like GamerKidd and Rob are real active and help keep it a nice place. The forums there have a real strict policy on being rude or insulting other members that MrSlave put in place. I actually ask most of my questions about just L2 in general there because other forums like blah are full of trolls and trash posts. It is a nicer place than the others and the members are usually real helpful.

Well, anyways, that is my first post for this blog. I plan to post more as I go and improve my characters. I am hoping that I will earn enough adena by botting my trio with L2Walker by the time I hit 82 to be able to sell the extra and use the money to buy accounts and L2Walker codes for a 5-man group.